There is nothing more exciting than having access to a continuous flow of material right at your fingertips.

Coffee is rich.  It has the deep hue of the earth it came from.  After being brewed, damp espresso patties will later begin to mold.  The material is so potent.  When I first started working for the Company, I remember coming home with its stench settled deep into the fibers of my clothing and hair.  Some might say that smells delicious, others are repulsed.  A love/hate relationship.

After being with the Company for several years, I knew the ins and outs of being behind the counter.  The culture and its formulas were engrained in my mind.  There was something about this that excited and startled me.  Drove me away, but kept me coming back.

Noticing how the installation of the Company's storefronts in my community changed me and the people around me, I became interested in understanding what was really going on.  Corporate growth doesn't just affect me or you; it effects communities.  It alters the surface of the earth.  It changes the economy.  It is changing everyone's lives all around the globe.  This notion was the driving force behind this series of works.

Each piece depicted here is a visual documentation of research that I compiled over the course of a year.  I intend to tell the story, or otherwise, parts of the story that is being written by the growth of large corporations like Starbucks.  Each piece is made from a variety of materials, but all contain used espresso grounds which were collected during the course of my research.